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Domain Names

By the numbers...
144 total domains
76 .com
32 .net
30 names i ♥
25 .org
10 .me
2 sold domains

A sample of the names in the portfolio:
Forgave.me, Forgiven.me, HeSaved.me, keydwords.com, lowr.org, Stump.me, SaloonSharks.com, BrokersInCharge.com, buy-cheap-homes.com, MillionaireListings.com, Realostate.com, FindHomes.com, iHomes.com, Realty.com, RealtyAgents.com, spty.tw, DVR.me, 140media.com, BigOnTwitter.com, GoodFollows.com, SportyTweets.com, StormyTweets.com, and more...

A complete, categorized list of all domain names I own.

Online Profiles

facebook - Andy Denton
twitter - @andy_denton
linkedin - Andy Denton
delicious - dentonbros
vimeo - andydenton
youtube - dentonbros
stumbleupon - dentonbros
digg - dentonbros
netvibes -
gtalk -
skype -
picasa -


I'm always available.  I try to respond to all pertinent (non-spammy) emails within 24 hours.

My contact address

Andy Denton
COO, Realty.com
Charlotte, NC 28270

Cell phone: +1 704.807.2259
Skype: dentonbros